Purple Kissez Kreationz is an independently owned mobile cocktail and dessert bar based in Detroit, Michigan. Whether enjoying a glass of martini or a dessert jar, PKK is where you want to order from. As a host of many parties, you do not always get to fully enjoy your own party!


Bartending is not just about serving a good-tasting drink but about creating an awesome experience beyond the drink itself. There’s no better feeling than watching people’s eyes light up in amazement when I serve them a carefully crafted cocktail. From setting drinks on fire, to setting up LED lights in my bar, to adding extra garnish for presentation, I make extra efforts to create defining moments for anyone who I am serving. What I really love is crafting an amazing end to end experience.

I am a Certified and Insured Bartender that creates a safer environment where alcohol is served and sold.

I am TIPS Certified

eTIPS On-Premise

• Restaurants• Bars• Hotels• In-Store Tastings • Night Clubs

eTIPSOff Premise Serving

• Grocery Store• Convenience Store• Package Liqour Stores

eTIPS Concessions

• Stadiums• Arenas• Amphitheaters• Festivals Gaming Alcohol• Casinos• Riverboats• Race Tracks• Gambling Halls

Alcohol Delivery

Delivery or online ordering service that provides alcohol or "to go" cocktail delivery

If you need a Professional, Qualified, and Reliable Bartender to help get your Venue/Establishment up to code I am available.

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