Use this as a rule of thumb – these are averages for the number of bottles needed per hour per guest:

For every 25 guests, you will need 17 bottles of beer, 4 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of liquor (per hour).

For every 50 guests, you will need 34 bottles of beer, 7 bottles of wine and 2 bottle of liquor (per hour).

For every 100 guests, you will need 67 bottles of beer, 14 bottles of wine and 4 bottle of liquor (per hour).

* Keep in mind the above averages are PER HOUR, so multiply those by each hour your open bar will be available. Or you may limit each guest to two drinks per person. These are only suggestions (to give you an idea of how it typically works). Most guest get two bottles of each Alcohol bottle purchased if/when they do not intend to include Beer & Wine. 

  • Vodka

    • Grey Goose Vodka
    • Tito’s Handmade Vodka
    • Ciroc Redberry
  • Tequila 

    • Casamigos Reposado 
    • Don Julio Anejo
    • Patron Reposado
  • Cognac 

    • Hennessy VSOP
    • Remy Martin VSOP
    • Remy Martin 1738 VSOP
  • Rum

    • Barcardi Superior Silver Rum
    • Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
    • Malibu Coconut Rum
  • Whiskey 

    • Crown Royal Apple 
    • Crown Royal 
    • Jack Daniels
    • Jameson Irish Whiskey (Needed to make the popular Green Tea cocktails)
    • Jim Beam (Bourbon Rum)
  • Scotch Whiskey

    • Dewars White Label
    • Johnnie Walker Black Label
  • Gin

    • Tanqueray London Dry Gin
    • Bombay Sapphire Dry Gin
    • Hendricks Dry Gin

    • Barton Long Island Mix
    • Peach Schnapps (Needed to make Green Teas & Sex on the Beach)
    • Triple Sec (Needed to make Margaritas)
    • Dry Vermouth (Needed to make Martini’s)
    • Bitters (Needed to make Old Fashioned Cocktails)